Don’t look back

Regret is the meanest mother fucker. Followed by the bipolar way you thrash around in life after the major decision is announced to everyone.

The period of doubt is like an old fling that you’ve gotten well acquainted with. Every time she leaves you you tell yourself no more, but your emotions swirls out of control every time you see her at your door. The only thing keeping you sane is the stone cold fact that you are married with a wife and she’s watching you from the kitchen.

Except I don’t have a wife.

“THIS IS HUGE!” Fred told me over the phone, not sure if he is in Vancouver or Montreal, lots of siren in the background. I think I made some feeble attempt to try and make it seem less exciting, I was still in that stage of denial where things haven’t hit me yet. In fact, I had such a huge headache during the weekend that I don’t think I was thinking much if at all.

There were certain things that I did and regretted due to the roller coaster of emotions and doubts, but this time I am mature enough to go back and apologize. I understand that people will understand. This time, there will be no regrets, no hurt feelings. This time I am going to do it MY WAY!

I know this feeling. I see you and you me. Let’s make things happen.

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