2010 year of change

It’s that time of the year again. The period of reflection and introspection so I can move on to the next year leaving all the junk behind.

The year in general

2010 is the year of change where I execute and carry out the not-so-secret secret project. The goal is to become completely self sufficient and to unplug myself from the normal society. To disappear, so to speak, from the traditional role of a clog in the wheel. I have managed to achieve this goal, while demonstrating to myself that self sustainability through means of investment is possible with the amount of money I currently have. Heck, option strategy 1 have demonstrated that I only really need 40k in equity to fully fund my monthly spending.

Not all is sunshine and Christmas. Part of the plan is for me to move to the US and get a job there so that I can increase my net equity further with a lucrative job. That has proven to be elusive for someone like me in the industry. (Do you know that by law, I cannot get a job with the word “engineer” in its title?). With a continuous high unemployment rate of near 25% (The shadow stats, not gov stat), I have decided to not even waste my time on this subject anymore and to plow through with the rest of what I needed to do. Which is, to change.

What have I been doing for this change? You ask? Well, there are several things. First, I have sold all the belongings that I can possibly sell and moved in with my parents: Condo, junk, furniture, electronics, more junk and junk. Yes, I did this after 12 years of being out there making a living by myself. I have embraced the stigma and stopped chasing the Jonases. If people want to say I am a loser and a poor schmuck, I agree with you. Please treat me that way.


I wouldn’t call this growth because having growth means that I am incrementing improving my situation towards a state that is recognized by everyone. Yet as I understand the current position I am in, the end goal is whatever I set it to be. Whatever is defined as a better person is what I deemed worthy of pursuit. In this state, even improving skills to kill is a noble pursuit. Yes, there’s a hint that becoming a sociopath is probable in my future. In this context, I have grown into a person that is true neutral. I still weep at losses and leap in happiness for things that I have dedicated in. What I am slowly growing out of, is the sense of righteousness at how things should be done and what is morally right. In my point of view that is a better state of being.

That is what I am becoming emotionally. Physically, I have begun to embrace the minimalist lifestyle. Part of the realization once I’ve stopped keeping up with the Jonases is that I don’t need any of the junk that I have. That I truly want to be a person who can go anywhere I want on a whim. So I asked myself, what would I need to do in order for this to happen?

  • Little to no material possession
  • Financial self sustainability without working (Hence the stock trading researches)
  • Train Lethe to a point that she will view me as the center of her world so that we can eventually travel together (Cats are more loyal to a place)
  • Scan/Digitize and file all data and all object of sentimental value.
  • Build friendships all over the world

All of the above are work in progress since June. It is not until I started working on these, did I realize how much crap a person can accumulate in 12 years. The way things are going, I gather that I need another 6 months before I can finish the work. Hopefully, from now on, I will be diligent not to let it get out of hand. Good thing that Fred is doing this as well, it helps to have someone else going through the same transition and exchange ideas.

Major Events

I drove across Canada from Montreal to Vancouver to embrace an English speaking city and fairer weather (Goodbye snow). I sold my condo and quit my stable job at Matrox Electronics as an Application Engineer. I am also debt free, for the first time in my adult life.


Non existent. I quit my job. It was probably one of the highlights of my life.

Web Site

Completely ignored



  • PC: $500
  • 24″ LCD x3: $600
  • Faux leather Chair: $200


  • Condo: $232,000
  • Fridge: $0
  • Stove oven: $0
  • Washer/Dryer: $0
  • Furniture & kitchen appliances: $200
  • Various electronics: $100
  • Misc. stuff: $200


I feel pretty rich. No debt and all the net worth are either in stock or exists as cash. Nothing is tied to hard assets, so no funky accounting gimmick that some of the financial blogs out there uses to count wealth. The number I see on my computer screen, is the number I can spend tomorrow buying up all the coca cola I need. Yes, I’ve started using coca-cola to evaluate my wealth. How many glass bottle of coca cola can I buy with my current money at the place I am living, because I understand how malleable the concept of money can be and the fact that all values are relative, but nothing is as ever lasting as coca cola that is constantly being consumed.

Besides that, I’ve finally found one investment strategy in phase 3 that is constantly making money for me. It is now 3 months into the production phase and making money month after month. It’s part of the reason why, I have this attitude that I’ve made it in life.


  • 6 packs stomach (4 now with body fat at 14%)
  • Secret project completed
  • Still trying to move to the US


I have reached the crossroad and picked a path. The rest is walking the path.

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