Villains and the economy

Of all my working years, the tech industry which I belong to are mostly in recessions. The high tech bubble along with the fall of Nortel have shattered most engineer’s dreams in Canada. Still I plowed through, never thinking much about the adverse conditions that I am facing.

That’s probably why I am irritated at all the finger pointing that’s going on right now. Hindsight is 20/20, whoever is wielding it and pointing fingers right now should be taken down by a llama and spit on. On the other hand, all the ego trips and chest thumping by our elected political elite makes for a great movie. Even though the stupid dribbles that comes out of their mouth infuriates me to the point of giving up hope on our government.Then again, the dribbles and foams are probably what we wanted to hear.

What seem to skip most people’s mind right now is that the depression is not caused by bankers, predatory lenders or any political party. It is the pure consequence of you and your greed. It all started with a bunch of people defaulting and then gets exacerbated by a bunch of bad choices. What is it with people who sits on the sideline and vent their anger? Criticizing any and everyone who took what they believed at the moment to be necessary action?

If you don’t like it, do something about it. I am doing everything I can, are you?

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