Salsa lessons 7

The more I dance around, the more I understand what I am looking for. More through a yearning of something that’s lacking than being satisfied by my own progress previously. The difference is huge and I am not sure if I can convey this properly without sounding weird. I guess you have to reach where I am to feel this. It’s the difference between seeking to constantly improve (the attention towards the selfish progress) and the search for a perfect interaction (a perfection of giving and taking).

This change of concept is vastly different from the traditional belief of lead and follow to a more harmonized approach to invitation and usage. Along with the realization that you can only have a perfect dance when both parties are able to go all out at 120%. If 100% is you dancing perfectly, then 120% is both of you going faster, sharper and more emotional from leap frogging off of each others momentum. In this interaction, a guy no longer leads forcefully and a girl no longer follows blindly.  The man will have to be confident enough to not abuse the role that initiates steps while the woman has to be confident enough to take the invitation with full force.

I’ve been able to lead everyone so far into what I want to do by using the strongly lead expecting the woman to reciprocate with a strong follow. So why am I looking for that elusive connection? Because it’s the difference between having to adjust the way I dance to the woman’s need and not having to think at all and just let my body do what it wants.

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