Photoshop food illustration 1

The story began 8 years ago. I was living in the living room with 3 Chinese immigrants for $200 a month. My meager income was just enough to pay for the Internet connection to play Starcraft, pay for dance lessons and the rent. My parents have been bashing the Chinese ever since I was born so I was pretty hesitant when I decided to take up this living arrangement. Desperation usually pushes you to do something you would otherwise not do.

Living with them showed me that the Chinese people weren’t as bad as they were painted to be.  Chinese people makes friends out of anybody, that’s what I’ve learned. They are only misunderstood because of their language capabilities.

One of the legacies of this encounter is making sushi. One of my flat mate was a sushi chef and have transferred all his knowledge to me and this day, I have done the same.




As my skill improve, the type of modification I do to pictures are more subtle instead outer-worldly. Unlike the retouched pictures of models in magasins, my style is moving towards enhancing the everyday while maintaining the gritty feeling of life.

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