Growing up

Only recently do I have the unmistakable feeling of being an adult. To find myself such an alien from ideals of my brave young self. So, what happened? Realization happened.

Perhaps the biggest one of them all, is the realization that the ideals of my younger days are not ideals at all, but an imposition of the controlling group to extract work out of members of the society. Knowing how money work and its sway on our lives definitely didn’t help either.

The whole time while I was young, I was acting out someone else’s desire. To those of you still reading and still young. No, those thoughts of yours aren’t original and yes, you are there to profit somebody else no matter how much you believe you are your own boss.

The fact that I get lazier as I get richer, presents another blow to my original image of my self proclaimed honest character. In the end, I am just like any other corrupted adult. Jaded and without an aim in life.

Some days I disagree with these thoughts, some days I agree. The fact remains that I am thinking these thoughts and that alone probably places me in the jaded department. You can only get jaded about life when you’ve grown up right?

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