Critics and the economy

In my opinion and this is my opinion only from observation. Critics love big failures. The down fall of the the free world brought about a flock of critics who spend their time writing articles to point out the faults of every firm that’s out there. I personally believe that it is the action of a coward. People who criticizes and bath in the glory of their prescience on how bad things are because of those “in the wrong”. Those who, instead of acting to save, acted to destroy. Through what they thought as innoncent words.

Yes, in writing this, I am also attacking, but I am only attacking because we have recovered. To tell you the truth, the only people who can survive what we survived are those who has everything that they have in hard earned cash, but even that is debatable due to inflation. Perhaps gold is a better bet, but then you also have to spend money to rent a vault somewhere.

Critics love pointing out a fact and use it to prove a weakness and how badly managed something is without looking at the details of the circumstances. As if the only actor on stage is the one that they are criticizing without bringing into focus the other players in the market.

Why were all firms being destroyed? Because they don’t have cash. Why can’t they raise cash? Because it shows weakness. Why is that a bad thing? Because once they do, shorters circle over the sky and short you to bankruptcy. I was fully invested during the crash and I went into it with my eyes wide open. The people that are the most despicable and added no value to rescue the system are the media.

Which I have a lot to say about in my next opinion piece.

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