Chase the money, chase the life

Wanting money, no matter how I try to explain it, always seem to bring along a negative connotation to the conversation. People, it seems, look down on those who make it a goal to be rich. I had not truly understood the reason until I make it one of my life’s top priorities.

Shallow, greedy, heartless and irresponsible are the usual description of high rolling and high flying individuals from those whom I talk with. It’s almost as though rich people are all evil and those who strive to become rich are little devils in training.  But why not become rich? It’s the most responsible thing you can do.

Some tell me that it is not a good life, but what is it we are supposed to make a goal out of? Some say that money corrupts your point of view on life, making you evil and inhuman, I can only say that money makes you understand what connects everything together. Especially when you know what it is like on both extremes of the life style. Everything in life, is inadvertently connected to life because money is the most basic representation of worth and, of your time and effort that you’ve spent previously on this world.

So isn’t it your responsibility in life to gather as much as possible in the shortest time span possible so that you can move on to do other things that you’d rather do? If some of your goal in life has a time limit and must be done while your body is still young, then by all means do that. Otherwise, try to allocate a block of time in your life dedicated to make money. I suggest from the age of 25 to 35 since that’s when your body and mind is at the prime to charge.

At some point last year, I broke down and decided to take on this path. After I managed to work through the initial mental block instilled in me by “la vida doce” loving Canadians, I was able to go for it with all of my heart. I realized that my life is going nowhere and that I have half finished projects piling up because I didn’t have time to complete them. I was trapped in this perpetual feedback loop where: I don’t have enough money for the next step in a project, I work for more money, I don’t have time for the project, I work on project, I ran out of money for the next step. It frustrated the heck out of me because I cannot see myself finishing any project in time for them to be relevant or new enough to be of any use. I wanted to have the freedom to go at it with nothing held back.

Yes, I want to get enough money so that I don’t have to worry about money ever in my life. I want to be self sustaining enough that I can tackle any project I want and see the fruit of my labor. I, in my truest form, am a creator and I need the freedom of time and money in order to create. I cannot do that if either one restricts me. So I am going to be rich. No matter what you think of me.

On life…

It is earnings season. That means that my life is basically on a virtual halt. If I am not trading researching, listening in on conference calls, then I am working out formulas, simulating scenarios and reading articles on the forecast. It is a great time of volatility and you must take advantage of it to gleam the information before anybody, to understand the unspoken lines that the less patient people skim over. It is a game of wits and efforts… Add balls of titanium to that. It is also extremely time sensitive. Which is why, I always dedicate the whole month of earnings season to researches. It is almost near the end though and already got a few social functions lined up for the next few weeks. It’ll be like vacation, comparatively speaking. I am going from having two full time job to just one. That’s a big change. I wish I can do trading full time, but the idea is still not quite sitting all right with the inner self. At the moment, most of my earnings are from trades based on skill. Eventually I’d like to lock down my principle to something with a 5% interest rate and live off of that.

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