2009 Resolution

Just like the 2008 review, I have consolidated goal setting into one post. I am seeing an increase in the need to consolidate all the different things into one. Decreasing overhead and increasing focus. This will probably be the tone this year. I have weighed multitasking and focus and decided to take on the path of focusing. Meaning, I will only tackle one project at a time until I finishes it no matter how tired I am at it.

I don’t have any big goals this year. Pretty much discouraged from failing a lot of the ambitious ones from last year. So I want to focus on the self and organization.


Primary goals:

  • 6 packs stomach
  • Bench press 160 lbs
  • Finish my first flash game
  • Finish organizing all digital data
  • Write Zania

Secondary goals:

  • Finish home network
  • Learn to pick generic locks
  • Finish furnishing my condo
  • Research and create 10 secret dishes that I can cook
  • Visit Kush in California


Enhanced reality:

A virtual world that runs parallel to the real world will be established. I wish for an open one where everyone can modify their own piece of space by providing a proof of citizenship and address.Enhanced reality can thus draw information from this world instead of analyzing the surrounding.


You can always tell where the next bubble is headed to when advertisements get involved with every aspects of something. Gaming for example will probably become the next bubble, but before that, we should see a bubble burst in university degrees. Crushing student debt and 108% enrollment rate will serve as warnings to the new generation that the college degree might not be worth it. Experience and result will finally out weight a piece of paper when every person has that same piece of paper.

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