Words from the dusty road 6

Part 6 of the Morocco miniseries: Words from the dusty road

“You know, the most excitement we got in the five days since we arrived is you almost slipping on some Irish puke and stepping on dog shit.”

Only 14 km away, but a world’s difference. If you fancy a fast lane to a double whammy of cultural shock, try taking the ferry from Tanger(Morocco) to Tarifa(Spain). The sharp contrast will make the most boring of us realize some kind of truth in ourself. For me, it served as a basis for me to further understand the nature of time warp; a concept dissected in-depth between me and Fred.

Fred had mentioned that working in the corporation is like working in a time bubble. You don’t really feel the passage of time, but in a blink of an eye, 5 years have passed. In the past two year of so of my tenure in the same corporation, I started to feel the same way. I see it coming, but nothing I did allowed me to escape from its grip. In the blink of an eye, two years have passed.

Don’t get it wrong, I didn’t just stay home and get fat. I did a lot of things. If you read through the past two years of my blog, you’d agree too. I’d say that I reached more goals than I did while traveling through Morocco. So why does it feel like more things had happened in that one month than the past two years combined? The only logical conclusion I can draw from it is this.

I was constantly being pushed past my comfort zone. I could not predict what the next minute will bring or whether I will be ok or not.

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