Words from the dusty road 5

Part 5 of the Morocco miniseries: Words from the dusty road

“Peter’s steel stomach 0: McArabia 1″

The downfall of my stomach happened around the middle of our trip. Since then it only gets worst until the cleansing of western food when we arrived in Spain. I remember burping a lot and the stank of the Arabian spice would gross me out. I could’ve swore that the McArabia I had at McDonalds stayed in my stomach for at least 3 days.

Strangely enough, McDonald is a lower end medium class restaurant in Morocco as opposed to Canada where it is crowned the lowest end out of all restaurant you can go to. We actually created a category for it called fast food. We thought we were escaping to safe haven when we entered McDonald, who would’ve thought that McArabia is their hidden weapon, ready to do me in.

We were pretty spartan with food during periods of hardship and we both lost weight in the process. Yet during all those time I never felt the same type of hunger that I feel now when I sit in the air conditioned office mowing down problems that grew like wild weed while I was away. The hunger induced by mental activities felt more urgent than the hunger created by physical labor. It make sense because the brain consumes sugar and that isn’t stored in our fat. Perhaps using your brain is the solution to diabetes? If some researcher care to investigate in that direction, there might be a lead.

I am not implying anything, I am just sure of the fact that I didn’t use much of my brain in Morocco and I am really not doing any physical labor right now in Canada. Yet the hunger still comes and it feels different.

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