Words from the dusty road 4

Part 4 of the Morocco miniseries: Words from the dusty road

“Quelle reservation?”

A common response from the hotel owners upon hearing that we’ve made reservations over the phone. You can’t really plan ahead in Morocco, the most we’ve been able to do is to plan one day ahead and even then it’s been a hit and miss trial run with some final twist in the end that you have to react to. Yes. If I must give a theme to our trip to Morocco, it will be called “React to the moment”.

It’s the opposite of my nature. One where careful planning puts me ahead of my competition and saves me the frustration of reacting to unexpected stimulus. This trip is the perfect balancer, forcing me to play along and live from moment to moment putting me far away from my comfort zone. Nothing I’ve done there is within my comfort zone and this type of extreme exposure bred another type of characteristic: “No regrets.”

A some point in the trip, I seem to acknowledge to myself that when I put my heart to it, there’s a way. So I became someone who does what he thinks of doing no matter how my social conditioning tried to pull me in other direction. A life with no regret. Isn’t that what everyone is toting as the best way to live? Yes, but did any of them tell you how crushing a blow it is when you pull it off, but the result is not one that you wanted? The opportunity costs of non-planned action is often overlooked by people.

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