Funny business 15

It’s strange on the metro these days. All these people with their new gadgets: ipods, PSP, more ipods and mp3 cell phones. These gadgets used to be reserved to the elite geeks who’d jump in joy at the news of the first ever PDA.

Now, every punk from rich to poor has something to occupy their mind with. It feels tainted. Maybe this is the actual reason why I decided to become an ex-geek besides being immerged knee-deep in tech. It lost its exotic charm when the general population adapted to it.

I am amazed at this new sight though. Just a few years ago, we were still using walkmans and only a decade since everyone came to terms with a ringing cellphone. I remember getting pissed off on a bus by someone’s cell, now it’s just another sound that’s loss in the filtering process.

So what does this mean for business? Gadget fashion is the industry.

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