Tim Horton’s breakfast sandwich change

There was a period when I relied on Tim Horton’s breakfast sandwich to get through the morning. It just so happens to be right after I quit drinking their coffee. Back then, I was still in the middle of renovating my condo and the overall outlook on the economy seemed pretty pleasant. I didn’t have to plan for a 3 year recession.

I ate the Tim Matin sausage sandwich almost every day at that time, so I am well acquainted with its unique flavor. So, feeling nostalgic, I went and bought one yesterday as a quickie to a care free Friday. I didn’t know I was in for a big disappointment.

Right away, I noticed a cheapening in their flavor. Most notably from the lower grade processed cheese they use. It just doesn’t go well with the flavors of its “cookie” dough and the spices on their sausage patty.

The sausage patty also reduced in thickness, in its place, a bigger than usual egg. This change suggests that even the restaurant business is feeling the crunch from rising food prices as well as high transportation charges. So much so that they have to cheapen the ingredients.

A quick check at Loblaws on a few staple items confirmed my suspicion. Grain based products have increased in price and there’s a big sign at the flour section saying that a price hike will come in the near future due to wheat shortages. For now, only processed and treated product price have been affected and is slowly trickling into the raw materials. My favorite focaccia bread went from $2.99 to $3.17, a 6% increase. Poultry remained stable, beef increased a bit while pork see a big decline in price. I don’t understand why (Maybe because they are not being turned into oil).

One thing I don’t really understand is, why are we using grains as alternative oil? There’s a readily available source of energy we human generate called “fat”. Why can’t someone research a way of using that? I am sure free “liposuction” will appeal to a majority of the population.

Things are getting more and more ridiculous.

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