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I haven’t had time to post anything of quality lately, then again, I’ve lost the appetite to write for an audience. This way, the pressure to always write in order to keep the traffic will be gone and I can just do it whenever I fee like it on whatever topic I want. Perhaps that is the elusive purpose of this blog that I’ve been trying to find.

Truth is, a month and a half has already passed and I made progress on everything I want to make progress on. Yet the end seems so far away because the progress I’ve made seems so little. Thanks to the grind list I made, it’s going to take a year for everything instead of never. Still… a year. I want time to stop so I can finish them NOW! To make my life more difficult, I added Kirk and Pei-Yu to my sub-domains so they can try and grow their site and eventually make money. Kirk likes to talk about food and I post some guest post there as well as contribute to the site’s organization. I don’t need to help Pei-Yu much with her superluckystar site. Within a month, after very little promotion, her traffic has already surpassed my main site. This leads to some very interesting observations. 1. There are a lot more Asians on the Internet than English speaking people. or 2. People really want to believe that they can change their luck.

If you are the type that click around and have been reading this for a while, you’ll probably notice some small changes here and there. That’s because I’ve been committing 2 sets of 45 minute sessions each week into figuring out one function that I want done on this site. Last time it was the related posts you see on the left side, this time is listing all the post in a particular month for the archive section. I believe that by the end of this year, I will finally have UltraZen Ver1.0 done. Most of the hard work is in sitting down and finally looking through wordpress code.

Besides these, running around doing everything and trying to experience as much as I can. I feel the need to decide on a field and focus now. I mean I can be as ingenious as I want in any field, learn like a prodigy etc. But when it comes to the jist of it, it’s still nothing when compared to those who has 20~30 years experience in the field.

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