Morocco backpacking photo series 1

Camel caravan shadow

Most of my pictures are devoid of people. It’s a worrisome trend that I only realized when I started going through my collections. Truth be told, I don’t know how to shoot people’s face nor do I spend time thinking about it. It seem to be the most important factor and probably the biggest of my failings when I was taking pictures for this trip. I was constantly reacting to the moment, trying to turn on my camera fast enough to capture something that suddenly happened. It’s a race against time and I find that I almost always lose because the pictures usually turn out to be blurry, under exposed or over exposed. I simply didn’t have the time to change the settings.

As we traveled on, I realized what I need to do to improve the likely hood of getting the pictures of I want. I need to go up to them and ask them. I need to compose, think about where I want them, what pose I want them to have and what feelings I want to convey before I even start. This, I realized too late.

This marks a defining moment of my journey in photography where I learn the truth about my own preference. I want to capture people interacting with their environment.


Because the plug-in I used doesn’t import the image’s description from Flickr, I suggest you head over to the set to get the back story of each image.

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