High school reunion

I never knew these people in high school. Except for the five or so people I hanged out with, but even them felt different. I don’t know whether to attribute this to getting older or the fact that the way I see the wold after 10 years of life had completely changed.

I was screwed up back then. Having moved one too many times while still struggling to learn French and English. It forced me to be conscious only about myself. I didn’t have the skills and knowledge to befriend and interact with people in the socially correct way and thus didn’t have any impression of what their personality is like. This reunion, is probably the first time I really get to know them in my life by conversing with them in a language which I now know and can freely express myself with: English. Yep, that’s right. English, my 3rd language.

I’d like to get to know a few of them better. The brief moments of talking was enough to get a glimpse into how interesting they are. I am sure, that a few of us have more interesting things than “got a job” “got married” “Traveled here and there” to say.

The experience was awkward and enlightening at the same time.

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