Funny business 24: Conscientious shopper

I would say that I am a conscientious shopper.  Someone who buys only after evaluating necessity, emotions, financial situation and the broader economy (currency, inflation etc.) in general. Buying electronics when the currency exchange rate are the most favorable, waiting till the car dealerships are crashing and burning to bring a cash upfront deal to get huge discounts and finally, optimizing only when the effort/cost justifies the savings.

I shop around, but I also understand that shopping around wastes time/money and is not worth it if you have to shop around a lot. Therefore, I am more likely to stick with a few trusted source to go to than buying the cheapest thing out there. I also like to make (annd see) everyone and everything I approve of, prosper.

So, I get to thinking during the finals days of bus/metro riding, what will make me stay with certain dealers? Sincerity of service. Yes, I am usually cheap on my first trip due to the great deal that’s announced somewhere, but if I like the service, I will usually stick with the same person most of the time. I say sincerity because I know about all the sales techniques people use from working closely with sales. It sets off an alarm inside that will usually make me bail out of a deal unless it’s a really good deal. I just don’t like the fact that people are applying techniques to me.

So in sum. Great deal to attract me to the store so that you can show me the sincere service you provide. Of course, the sales person will have to judge whether or not I am worth that kind of service. There are people who’s just out there to rip off businesses.

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