Don’t have the heart to write…

Having a crisis of motivation. Hence the short message.

That is what I originally wrote. But then, the surge of thoughts rushed through me. I realized that I’ve been supressing what I really wanted to write about in order to present the experience. Truth is, I’ve become quieter.

I had thought that I’d go around blurting out stories of Morocco to everyone I see at home, but when it come time to perform, when my friends asked me about the great adventures I had. I simply smiled and said: “It was an adventure.” I don’t know why I feel this way. It is in me, it has changed me then why don’t I want to share the experience?

Perhaps it is the realization of what I really want. The proper tuning of emotions and desire to my real actions. I realize that it is not what I need to do to reach what I want. It changed me, you can feel it and that is enough. No more, will I go against my feelings even if it means that no one reads this journal or the content becomes boring as hell.

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