Action packed weekend

Snowboard: Borrowed

Snowboots: Borrowed

Winter equipment: Borrowed

Private snowboarding instruction: Friend card

Tequilla: Free

Vodka: Free

Headache: Free

Home cooked meal: Free

Memories and pictures to remember: Free

Lift pass: $28

Gas: $30

Dinner: $25

As frugal as I try to be, a weekend of action still set me back $83. Thank you Mark for lending me some winter protection, thank you Karl for all the snowboarding equipments with the private instruction without that, I wouldn’t have been able to lalump down the hill on my second try. Thank you Karin for all the free booze although the splitting headache takes the fun away. I should never have tried to drink after snowboarding. Thank you Brahim for nailing the coffin shut by offering me Vodka. Most of all, thank you Kirk for inviting me over for dinner. I do miss families.

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