A glimpse of our future

I like to make predictions of the future. An act of vanity I enjoy entertaining in order to challenge my analytical side. I also write these predictions down on this site so I can look back in a few years to see how accurate my predictions were.

This one is the result of a conversation at work and showcases a part of me which isn’t normal. The fact that I am not constrained my normal morality.

“Looking for a hot a steamy night? Bored of your companion doing whatever you ask it to do? Try out our revolutionary new personality firmware. Guaranteed to turn your sex bot into the goddess of karma sutra.”

According to the advancement in sex doll development. This will eventually come true within my lifetime. Which brings up a good question. What will happen to all these porn sites serving pictures and movies when everyone can just get a robot? What will happen to email spams about penil enlargement, become an animal in bed? Well, this is one possible scenario.

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