Funny business 13

Nothing shut a person’s chronic complaining up faster than giving that same person a taste of responsibility. Yes, I am talking about “moi”.

Teaching is different. Right away I started asking: “Are students going to understand these jumble mumbo? I for one, have a hard time grasping it and I live and breathe tech.”

The added responsibility means that I spend all my day Friday in meetings from now on while still being expected to perform my original duty. Which, to my knowledge, is still 60% of the US high tech population. Did I mention that I’d be teaching Engineers?

Thank god for having a documentations department so I don’t have to spend extra hours at work playing with power points or recording short clips of me mouse clicking on various buttons of the interface. I can already see the angry red face of my clients when they call me to find out why certain thing wasn’t done:

“Uhh yes… I was making power point presentations.”

My actual answer at the moment isn’t much better though. The amount of multitasking I am doing is getting insane, I won’t give a number because that’s business secret, but I can confirm that I actually calmly told a client of mine this today:

“Do you mind holding on for a moment while I pull up your file? Sorry, I am in the middle of working on another project and it’s hard to switch just like that.”

It’s my way of saying I remember talking to you about it, but there are so many people calling me to day who greeted me with “Hi, this is so-and-so, do you have an update on that problem we reported last week?” that I just give up. Please, don’t be irritated when I can’t recall the exact details of which variable out of your 2000 line of code within 10 seconds of me hearing your voice. I do attempt to act like a robot sometimes, but I am only human.

I am whining again

In any case, the training requires a lot of planing and because whether or not a training is good or bad depend solely on the presenter I don’t have any wiggle room or scapegoat to blame. I have to make it good. God, I still have flash backs of my oral presentations in French during my first year in a French environmen. I had no idea of what the words mean and I just memorized the sounds. YES the sounds! 5 Minutes of them!!! Thankfully, I’ve grown up to be a modern homo sapient and can now derive meaning from the sound. Except the presentation will run much longer and I have to worry about boring my students to death.

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