Triphasic Sleep: Day 12

This is part twelve of my Triphasic sleep experiment. Please visit this page for more info.

I have cut the morning sleep from between 4~8 to 4~7:30. So far so good. To help my body adjust, I kept the extra 30 minutes nap at 9PM and allowed the room temperature to drop lower so I can force myself awake by kicking off my blanket.

Everything is pretty much on autopilot now. The only time I encounter difficulties are when I am trying to wake up. There are some hidden upside to this strategy due to my day being separated into three sections now. I feel more at ease finishing pointless tasks because I know when I next wake up I can dedicate all my effort to something else.

The down side? My flat mate has started complaining about noise at night now. I don’t know if it’s by me or just her imagination. She is a weird one.

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