Triphasic Sleep: Day 11

This is part eleven of my Triphasic sleep experiment. Please visit this page for more info.

Well, work was actually ok. Perhaps due to the morning coffee I took. I feel normal until 30 minutes before the designated bedtime. Then I felt my mental functions shutting down one by one. The only way I can compare is if I try to stay awake late into the night in a monophasic sleep. I’d just feel shitty. In this new pattern I don’t have the luxury of feeling shitty, instead, my brain’d start shutting down without sending warnings.
There’s an interesting state of mind that I discovered during this experiment. It was when I was super sleepy, yet kept awake by the coffee I drank by accident. There were small periods of time when I experience a superb state of clarity while seeing an object in my mind. I say see because I saw something as if I am seeing something with my eyes opened. Even more. It is almost as if I can see every detail of the object. Well, today it happened again when I try to force myself to fall rapidly asleep during one of the half hour naps. The extreme clarity of the image pushed my mind awake every time I lingers between consciousness and darkness.

It felt as if my whole brain became active in a short span of time.

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