Three girls in my bed



“Do you realize that you are living the dream that all guys dream of?”

I look at her in puzzlement.

“You got 3 girls in your bed you naughty boy.”

It took me a few seconds to reframe my mind to Miriem’s comment.

“Haha, you are right. And I did it rather effortlessly didn’t I?”

Being with her is always interesting because you can never predict the next crazy idea that’s going to come out of her twisted mind. The fact that she doesn’t really have a filter when it comes to the most inappropriate and politically incorrect thing to say doesn’t help. Which is why, we are such a great pair when both of us fire off into one of these strange conversations. For example, a conversation such as this occurred in front of a soon-to-be mom.

“I wonder what other uses there are for the umbilical cord.”

“Oh! I know! ……”

“Know what?”


“Not telling you, I am way off topic again.”

“Oh… You were thinking about strangling the baby with it?”


I have long since given up in hiding myself from her. She’s one of those people that inspires truth in you because she has the uncanny ability to understand your state of mind. Whenever there are arguments in the group, she’d be the one to restate my point of view in someone else’s frame of mind and vice versa. In short, she’s Deanna Troy from Star Trek, but without the schooling which all Psychologist goes through to learn discipline.

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