Things tends to happen when you don’t chase it

It echoes my experiences in life. Just like love, it happens when you least expects it. I used to care about putting in a good entry, crafting it around the few beliefs that I think will increase readership. Which is why, it is strange to see the traffic increase in the past month where I didn’t particularly pay much attention to my site.

I remember checking in after 3 days only to find that the layout is totally messed up because I left the wrong theme on display. Add that to my less than enthusiastic approach to publish my blog with any technique you’d find on SEO optimization blogs and you understand the exertion I am feeling from all the efforts.

I am only writing about what I am doing everyday, on things that interest me, which is usually some time of experiment. Since we are on the same topic, let me tell you about my finding on trying to manipulate the great search engine: Google.

My two experimental sites are now banned by Google. It’s easy to check that whether or not yours is banned by doing a search with your exact URL. It should show up as the first entry. Both sites were banned because I had some type of link exchange script running, which is fine and I prefer that they do.

I also found out that participating in purchase of links will usually lower your PR by 2 levels. So basically they are starting to address the spam websites that are designed to increase page rank. I want Google to win so we can go back to the old way of simple web designs. What do I mean? Well, today’s internet is like a Microsoft design whereas the old web is either a linux or Ipod. See this video for what I am talking about.

So, I’ll probably continue on what to do. Staying with simplicity while increasing user friendliness. In the mean time, provide you with original content. Original enough to have no other copy because it is about me!

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