The crossroad of identities

A long term consequence of blogging that I wanted to achieve is that of a consolidation of my different realities and identities. I hope, through the publishing of my deepest reflections and admittance to my own flaws, that some type of acceptance of myself, good or bad, can be gained with the help of public disclosure.

This weekend, I added a link to this blog from facebook without any fanfare and marked the final stage of bridging the discrepancies between my pen name “Causalien” and my Canadian name “Peter”. It was a small change, perhaps insignificant to others, but definitely earth shattering for me.

The bridge between my clique, my social contacts, my engineering colleagues and my dancing circle are now one and the same. No more secrets and no more hiding. I am now truth reincarnated and responsible for everything I say/write.

It’s not a big change or anything in my habit. Not that I’ve been lying or delusional in my past posts. The fantasy has been brought down slowly over the year to be integrated with the reality. It the fact that finally, whatever I say on this blog, is exactly what I feel in reality. I am also, not ashamed of it one bit.

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