2007 resolutions review

Previously, I wrote about my new years resolution for year 2007. So did I achieve any of my goals? Or rather, are any of the goals still relevant?

Main list score: 1.75/5

#1: Separation of human improvement from main Journal

Not accomplished. Still stuck at finishing the layout

#2: Finish Level 2 German class

Half accomplished. Only managed to complete Level 1 German

#3: Finish building armor for SCA heavy combat

Not accomplished. It’s still sitting there.

#4: Finish rearranging digital data

1/4 accomplished. There’s just too much and a hardware failure doesn’t help

#5: Understand Linux enough so I can setup my own server

Fully accomplished.

Secondary list: 1.5/5

#1: Reaching 40k CDN in liquid asset

3/4 accomplished. US dollar depreciation and market crash in December prevented me from reaching my goal.

#2: Have a well defined 6 pack that doesn’t need a bright light to see

Not accomplished. I realized that I have to work out the chest too, otherwise, the stomach muscles will look weird.

#3: Complete secret objective

Not accomplished. Still a secret.

#4: Finish making curtain

Not accomplished. Dropped all together after buying a condo that came with one.

#5: Reach 95% accuracy on expert level of Trogdor in Guitar Hero 2

3/4 accomplished. Maximum I reached was 80% accuracy.

Total grade: 2.25

I failed my year

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