2006 site review

Site statistic has increased more than I expected ending the year with 475 unique visitors, with 1/4 of it coming from site promotion tools like blog explosion, blog mad or blog soldiers. I’ve gradually stopped using them since I find that visitors from these usually don’t return. The goal for my site, is not for popularity anyway. Google analytics’s result more or less confirms with awstats.

The weirdest search is: sex with my teachers biatchs

The top content is: fdisk Geek Part I: Hacking the graphic card

Most searched phrase is: Ultracrepidate

Second most searched phrase: Can I use normal rice to make sushi.

Page Rank: 2

Most emotional post: meh

Event that triggered the most changes: Breakup

Amongst the most interesting comment I received is this one. About a girl I once find attractive while working at Nordia. It is worth mentioning because I noticed my strong emotional response to the comment. The post about this comment was downgraded to the comment reply itself. I have evaluated it and deemed it unworthy as a post.
The year passed by like a flash and I am still amazed at how much has happened. Fred’s passing comment on how this year has been the year of change for me ranged true and true as I scroll through the numerous entries. I thought these things had happened 10 years ago.

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