Memoirs of a gamer

Gaming was me. I am gaming.

I didn’t notice it till after the fact is set in stone. The spirit of change has recently adapted to the new strategy of steady corruption me instead of the the blatant assault. Doesn’t mean that I dislike the metamorphosis. I am just rather intrigued by memories of good old times. A time where gaming is the totality of my life.

I mean gaming as in playing video and computer games. With the kind of insights I have now, they are simply a sequence of button pressing required at certain critical time of a strategy. The refinement of the strategy is something that can be carried forward to other games and key areas of life, however, the expertise in the button sequence is lost when the smallest of the input method is changed.

The Alex One brought up a good point in one of our mutual deep probing of our own psyche. In which we discovered that I have not quit gaming all together, but simply decided to take on life as the greatest game of all time. I mean, think about it. Ultra realistic 3d view, 150~300 milliseconds total maximum lag, surround 3d sound, thousands of degree of freedoms in movements and a complex reward system which takes a lifetime to master. What else do you need?

Looking back, I can see a hint of the present from the games I’ve been playing. The fact that I choose games based on how close they come to real world is most likely caused by the subconscious needs to process more data. It was the constant desire for more challenges that pushed the limit from simple games to complex simulations and eventually end up where I started when I was born: the real world.

It doesn’t mean that I stopped the practice of playing a certain game for 2 days straight without rest or purges all the gaming devices from my life forever. I still have these insane all nighters (more for the practical reason of getting it over with in a short period of time vs dragging out the gaming over time) and I still purchase consoles as new ones get released. The difference is in the choice of games I play. The games are more integrated with other areas of my life and are only taken into consideration when I see some benefits to life. Which is why I bought a Wii instead of a PS3 and Mario Party 8 instead of Resident evil 4.

Gone are the need to get something as it comes out and the constant indulgence in the fantasies of RPG games. In its stead, there’s only me. More mature and devious as I plan to apply the knowledge to my own corrupted plan.

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