Hacking failure

ln -s /shares/internal/PUBLIC /usr/www/lib/
vi /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf
insert dir-listing.activate = “enable”

These are the final commands that I sent before a reboot. The purpose was to enable http browsing of the 500GB mybook world edition that I bought for $170 (total after tax and shipping). My heart sank as I see my internet connection die while the reboot takes place. Although they should be completely unrelated events, but when they happened at the same time during hacking, it mean something.

A day later, I am still reflecting on how I bricked the $170 NAS storage device and why it affected me so much. I tried to talk to people at my work place, but all they gave me was that look. The look that the non geek population gives to geek population when they start talking about linux. That look of “Do you have no life? You spend your weekend on what? Computers?”

How can this even affect me? Surely not because of the $170 I spent on it, I’d gladly spend $170 to learn anything and I did learn a lot. I’d say that my knowledge of both linux and networking have increased by two fold after this weekend. It affected me, because I had everything working. I had SSH and FTP access working. Setup my router to link with DynDns to redirect a domain name to my home network’s random IP. The router than direct the SSH and FTP request to myBook World without having my home computer on all the time.

In non tech term. I created a Hard disk that I can access from anywhere in the world anytime I want by entering a domain name (Meaning, no firewall can block this). The beauty of this is, that the IP is random and myBook world runs on Linux with only 4W usage per hour on standby and it only wakes on hard disk access (20W per hour).

I had it, but now it doesn’t work. I want to say FUCK YOU! But there’s no target to say it to.

At least now, I am forced to spend time on other project so I can feel accomplished and get that frustration out. Maybe you’ll see that new layout on this site I’ve been talking about.

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