Engineer Artist

I came full circle to the missing ingredient. I must not think of an object or event as a separate parallel entity that moves beyond my control, but to see and accept the fact that everything’s being start with human interpreting the object and event. I’ve tried too hard at ascending the understanding of life, seeking a higher order, a higher level incomprehensible by human that I took it out of the search all together. If I write a story, human are going to read it. If I create an art piece, human are going to admire it. If I experienced an extraordinary event, I will share it with human.

This knowledge enabled me to see what I am doing. I was tackling art the same way as I would tackle an engineering problem. Inclusion of all information. Details to the thinnest hair. What I was missing was the art of missing. The fact that human are not machines. The absence of an object plays an equal importance to the presence of another.

What followed after is the deletion of numerous unfinished posts, erasing of parts of my drawings and “missing” the complete picture in my photographs. It feels good to be incomplete. Even better to feel good about it.

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