2007 resolutions

A pigeon sat with me in the middle of downtown as I rest my legs to enjoy a Tim Horton's coffee. Two cream two sugar. It later jumped on my hand to indulge in a piece of bread I offered. I was tempted to grab it and serve myself some roasted pigeon on a stick. The tree's scent brings a wild flavor to the house. It is refreshing to the senses. This is the kitchen, 1 month after the previous picture I took. Surprisingly, it looks cleaner in the picture than the way I remembered it. I did not attempt to clean this and just let people judge by themselves. I like how I don't feel like this will taint my image one bit. The people I know understand me enough to guess that I have nothing to do with the mess. Lethe decided to grab herself a present and took possession of this box. She's been sleeping inside the box ever since Christmas. I don't know what's so special about it, but I kept it just for her. My abs as of 01/01/2007

The holiday comes to an end today as the year 2007 marked it’s first day in history. I had a great break, spending time with people I like and going on shopping sprees to buy presents. This is the first time I celebrated the full American Christmas. It is definitely something to be able to say “the heck with money”. When all the dust settled down, I have a better understanding why most people are broke: Christmas is very expensive.

For those of you who recognized the picture of my kitchen. That is an updated one after I completely give up. Here’s the link to the previous post about it in case you were curious how much it has changed.
Lethe got her first piece of nature when we brought the Christmas tree back to the apartment. She went crazy and couldn’t stop climbing it and getting stuck between branches. Later, she enjoyed knocking every decoration out of the tree so she can reclaim it as her own. She also get to experience her first snowflake. The event was quite boring from a cat owner’s perspective. I was expecting her to chase wildly after the snowflakes, but she just sit there and lick her frozen paws.

I didn’t take pictures of when people are over during Christmas because I forgot my cellphone at work, you’ll just have to take my word for it that I enjoyed it. I let myself go and stopped trying to be a host for these people so I can do what I enjoy most. NOT CLEANING and playing video games with them. Having Guitar Hero 2 around definitely spiced up the holiday spirit as we laugh at each other’s tangled fingers.

Total household spending:

Tree: $51

Decorations: $30

Presents: $430

Food & drinks: $200

Total money spent in this apartment: $711

I am lucky that I don’t have any families here, but even if they do, they only celebrate Chinese new year… That’s another headache coming up. Sigh…

This year, I am going to apply something that I learned at work. It is to prioritize the things that I want to accomplish. Since, like the issues at work, there’s no way I can hope to finish all of them, I’ll just have to focus in 3 at a time. I will separate the list into main objective which I work on continuously and a second list of tasks that I can do while waiting for materials/info for the main objectives.

Main list:

#1: Separation of human improvement from main Journal

#2: Finish Level 2 German class

#3: Finish building armor for SCA heavy combat

#4: Finish rearranging digital data

#5: Understand Linux enough so I can setup my own server

Secondary list:

#1: Reaching 40k CDN in liquid asset

#2: Have a well defined 6 pack that doesn’t need a bright light to see

#3: Complete secret objective

#4: Finish making curtain

#5: Reach 95% accuracy on expert level of Trogdor in Guitar Hero 2

Happy new year everyone.

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