2007 site review

I stopped all promotional services this year to rely solely on word of mouth and keyword hits from search engines. It’s a part of my efforts to remain true as well as doing my part to reduce fluff on the net. It also made all the stats more believable. Unique visitors decreased as the year passes. I ended up with half the visitors I had in January, but pages per visit increased indicating that these are real humen lurking around my site.

2007 Site statistics

The weirdest search is: what is the advantage of having muscles that run at different angels in the stomach

The second weirdest search is: massive punanis

The top content is: Triphasic Sleep

Most searched phrase is: triphasic sleep

Second most searched phrase: Ultracrepidate

Page Rank: 4

Alexa Traffic Rank: 9,698,8000

Technorati Rank: 676,883

Most emotional post: Emotions

Best contemplation: Jack of all trade vs specialization

Best financial post: Environment upgrade part 2: Canada Montreal housing market analysis

Event that triggered the most changes: Environment upgrade part 2: Settling down

The surprising part of these stats is the fact that my google page rank reached 4 while traffic remained the same. In my opinion, my page rank is only worthy of a 2. I am not complaining about the extra traffic though. It hasn’t saturated my bandwidth yet. It does however, make me spend more time on security+spam considerations as my site becomes more visible

The Triphasic Sleep experiment that I did out of a sense of adventure proved to be a surprisingly popular post. It certainly didn’t look that way when I was near day 28 of my wakeful dream. The page itself is given a page rank of 2 by google. Most of the visitors are either researchers or students from universities. I guess, because of how honestI was during the experiment, it provides them with the closest thing to a live controlled experiment. Visitors who visit my triphasic page usually leave the site right afterwards and despite the high amount of pages being viewed, none of them bothered leaving comments.

Either it’s because of the way I write my posts because the general goal of my site is different, there seem to be little or no comments going back and fourth between my readers. I believe that it is also a trend that I like. Unless something provides new insight or open myself to previously unexplored territory, I do not believe it needs to be mentioned.

The data from my site statistics are very inconsistent. I later discovered that my ISP forgot to turn on certain features in their tracker, making unique visitor count bloated. Hopefully after DNSLookup is restored, I can get a real idea of what’s going on. Good thing is, replacing picture files for layout with browser generated lines is paying off greatly as I reduced the bandwidth usage from 1 .87GB in June to 352MB near the end of December. I will improve on the current layout from now on since it’s the design that uses the smallest bandwidth.

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