Triphasic Sleep: Day 7

This is part seven of my Triphasic sleep experiment. Please visit this page for more info.

I feel like I am restarting from day 1. I am beginning to have doubts about the benefit of this plan because of all the social restrictions it places on my life. The idea works fine during weekends when I don’t have to stay conscious for any sustained amount of time. The problems lies with anticipating waking up with only 3 hours of night’s sleep and a 10 hour working day ahead.

I’ve readjusted my sleep schedule back to the correct Triphasic pattern today with the help of an extra nap at noon, but I no longer experience the boost of energy that I used to get from having such power naps.

Here are some things that I’ve done this week which is definitely caused by my attempt at this insane sleep deprivation:

-Burnt my hand from grabbing the pan in the oven. Without the mittens.

-Lost consciousness on the road

-Fell asleep at work

-Returned home 3 times before going out to pick up things that I forgot.

-Sucked really bad at any games I attempted to play

-Sore wrist from overplaying guitar hero2

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