Triphasic Sleep: Day 2

This is part two of my Triphasic sleep experiment. Please visit this page for more info.

I think my body is getting the hint. I’d sometime wake up 20 minutes into my 1:30 hr nap feeling refreshed afraid of over sleeping only to find out that I have another hour of extra sleep. Other times I’d wake up after an hour and couldn’t go back to sleep anymore. And always I’d wake up at 8AM in the morning feeling groggy as if I’ve partied all night.

I took a 30 minute power nap at noon so I can restore some of my lost sleep due to an overactive flatmate on day 1. I can’t believe how well I slept without any noises to distract me from falling into a slumber. Something feels wrong though, because if I sleep for the full hour and a half, I’d always wake up feeling groggy. Perhaps the timing is wrong and it should be one hour instead of one and a half.

I spend some time meditating as another way of resting my eyes while helping with my raging emotions. With the extra waking hours added to the day, my eyes aren’t used to the extra usage yet.

The effect of having these extra hours and having the conscious locked in a dream like state gave me an opportunity to do some insane boring and repetitive labors. I discovered that my patience might be better than a mule. The projects are getting done slowly and I should have a new curtain in a few days time.

It certainly made me wonder about repetitive tasks vs creative tasks. Are one type of people more brain dead than the other? The mutual exclusion of great memory and ingenious creation.

PS: I am surprised that I couldn’t fall back asleep this morning giving how tired I feel after I wake up.

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