Red headed vixen: Part I

A simple request to the red headed vixen was answered by an avalanche of angry shouts. I’ve become more and more wary of having to turn on my human management skill with this particular person that the investor inside unconsciously made a few calculation on the benefits of keeping this relationship alive. I don’t want to be cold hearted logical, but the fact of the matter is, that it happened and a subconscious choice was made. I cannot ignore this part of me and decide to try and write it down for my conscious.

“Can you buy some toilet paper tomorrow?”
“Maybe, maybe not”
“What do you mean maybe?”
“If I feel like it, maybe, if not, maybe not”
“Well, can you make sure? Because…”
“NO! I don’t have anything to make sure!”
“What about a notebook?”
*Bangs door close

The benefit of the red head’s presence around me are few but important. She is probably the negative of me if I am the positive of a picture. Emotional, irrational, temperamental, messy with a weak sub type personality. That about sums her up. Her outbreak of anger are mostly caused by direct vocal command due to a past abusive relationship. Control can be easier established by making her feel she’s at fault or by simple leading through doing things together.

She teaches me how to look at the world from a pure emotional sense while polishing my skills at managing people and subtle language manipulations. I teach her how to be organized and understanding ways to bring her subconscious to the light.

I guess it is with certain surprise when I came home the next day discovering that not only do we have plenty of toilet papers, the red head also restocked everything else. Something iffy is going on, but I’ve been too tired to ponder that and proceeded to fall unconscious in my bed till the next morning.

“Are you still asleep?”

To be continued…

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