Organising events

I have a knack for organising big events and make them successful… well for a student budget anyway. I think this comes from the fact that I always had to plan for 2 people’s schedule in my last 6 years of life. It’s easy for me to visualize and see everyone’s schedule and click them in to optimize the best time, best price for the best turnout.

I organized a paintball event this time and alot of surprises and stress along the way. It’s a totally different ball game because I am catering to a specific people with specific interest while trying to introduce outsiders into the clique. I can finally relax now to enjoy it since there’s nothing more I can do and all loss has been accounted for. I’ll just have to take it as the price for my hindsight. I’ll write more when I get back, but so far here are some stats.

Ratio of people who showed up to those who expressed interest throughout the sign up processe.


Ratio of people who showed up to people who initially expressed interest in coming.


Ratio of people who showed up to people who promised, confirmed and swore to show up (Last minute change of mind, the most devastating ones)


I watched silently as my comrades gets gunned down at the tree near me. He was out-gunned and out-teched and I had 10 bullets left. My only edge is my hidden location and the knowledge that thare are two of them trying to approach from that general direction. I wondered for a moment if I’d try to help him more if these are real bullets, but discarded that notion. Right now, I have some crazy commando person with his own gear and one of my noob friend creeping up against my team.

The mask is a blurr from the rapidly cooling surrounding. The rain muffled the sounds of their approach and I cannot see any detail but basic movement. In the previous games, I was doing what they were doing. Pushing forward while trying to figure out where the enemies are hiding and died in vain, this time, the role is reversed. Quickly, I registered the positions of two bodies, took aim and shot blindly. Thank god for playing video games with huge amounts of lag. Five shot each and a few seconds later I heard the satisfying cries of “I am hit I am hit!”

Back from the game. I didn’t realize how tired I am until I tried to step out of my car. The adrenaline had some time to subside and I became aware of all my bodily needs. Food, water, warmth but especially the cries of my muscles. Paintball isn’t as painful as what everyone tried to make you believe. It’s the equivalence of having your foot accidently stepped on, gone before you realize it even happened. If you can take that, then there’s no problem.

The ratio of women to men is the same as in engineering. 1 to 6 I believe. Thogh these ones are very fit and have mostly naturally looking beauty. Or it could be just the fact that they are in commando outfit and can kick men’s ass as well as the next commando standing there.

All in all, it was fun and being out teched isn’t fun. I learnt alot from organizing this. A few things that’d make this better is to doublecheck everything that we expect them and that they promised before paying. To meet up first and then go together since the troupe cannot start without everyone being there first. The average ammo spent was 100 per hour. So for a 4 hour session, I’d say 400 if you look before you shoot. People tend to want to conserve ammo if they didn’t buy in advance before the game starts.

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