When I am down…

The exercise recommended by psychiatrists will be to take a moment and think about how lucky I am. What I have and what other’s don’t. I’ll take it even further and write down why in the hell I can still feel down with all these things around me.

I have rich parents who loves me. They are respected by my peers. Of course the benefit of respect and money outweight all the inconveniences that comes with being their children. I have a brother who loves me and doesn’t complain when helping me out.

And throughout my life. I’ve been trying to escape everything above. I don’t appreciate it because I want to work hard for what I have… and I did. I only succeeded in doing so, because my rich parents took cared of all the little things for me while I work hard towards what I want. No, I could not have done so if I was poor. The end result, which is who I am not, came as a result of having rich parents and working hard. Lacking any one of the above, I could not have done so.

I can also communicate in three languages and have a down to earth understanding of the world’s different culture. I am open minded and have an outgoing personality. I am an engineer who’s working as an ASIC engineer in a design house witho only a bachelors degree. I also dance and compete in dancesport.

Anything I want within my grasp. What else do I want?
Someone, a partner in crime, to explore all these wonderful things together, without having to prove that I am the person above. I want to be with people whom I don’t have to try to impress.

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